Sequential Visualization

Client: Community Law Center, Baltimore, MD

Purpose: To provide high-level visual aides that will clearly map out and highlight the design problem. The final deliverables included a task flow diagram, journey map, storyboard and video. These items are foundational UX tools that would be helpful in building the final design solution.


Lynn Ammell  would like to find out more information about a dilapidated property in her neighborhood. The property has high grass and a pile of trash in the back. Lynn was out for a walk with her niece on a street that she doesn’t live on and wrote down the address (or she thought she did) in the notebook she always keeps on her. Her handwriting was sloppy, so she doesn’t have the exact address but knows which house it is relative to the other houses. She wants to file a complaint with the city and write a letter to the owner, and let her city council member know about the problem.

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Task Flow Diagram


Journey Map: